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Oct 23

What’s the Purpose of Business?

By Ron D Carlson | Business

​What’s the Purpose of Business?​According to one of the best known names in business, its not to rack up millions of dollars. The signs of missi​ng the point of running a business are clear according to this well known authority:(1)No time for the joys of livingObsessed with the materialNo longer enjoys the immaterialLacking in inner happinessSo […]

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Oct 14

Your #1 Business Problem Isn’t Money

By Ron D Carlson | Money

Your ​#1 Business Problem Isn’t Money​According to the CIA Factbook, the total value of all the money in the world is over $80 trillion dollars, yes trillion with a T. There is actually a very great deal on money out there. Some businesses have more of it, some less but there is a huge supply that can […]

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