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What’s the Purpose of Business? – CEO Mentoring Group

You Won't Believe Who Said This

By Ron D Carlson | Business

Oct 23

​What's the Purpose of Business?

​According to one of the best known names in business, its not to rack up millions of dollars.

The signs of missi​ng the point of running a business are clear according to this well known authority:(1)

  • No time for the joys of living
  • Obsessed with the material
  • No longer enjoys the immaterial
  • Lacking in inner happiness

So the point of running a business?  Happiness

​No, that wasn't said by the Dalai Lama or a Chinese philosopher.

It was penned by B.C. Forbes, the founder of one of the leading business publications world-wide.

"Business was originated to produce happiness, not to pile up millions."(1)

I so often find business leaders who no longer enjoy their business.  They work hard, then harder but toward declining satisfaction.

This is a recipe for a business future without a happy ending for either the business or the business leader and calls for an urgent change in course.

(1) ​Forbes, ​Sept ​15, 1917

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About the Author

Ron D. Carlson, BSEE, MBA, President, CEO Mentoring Group

As a management executive consulting with owners and CEO's of small to medium sized businesses, he knows first-hand the challenges faced by business owners in being successful today. 

As a successful entrepreneur himself, he has experienced the seismic changes in business and applies that into effective CEO Peer Group mentoring.

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