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Stuck? Try This: Ask, “Does It Pass the Kid Test?” – CEO Mentoring Group

Stuck: Try This...

By Ron D Carlson | Stuck

Oct 17

​Stuck? Try This:

​Business life in our age gets pretty complicated.  TOO complicated sometimes.  So much so that ​can get lost ourselves ​and no longer ​understand ​how what we're trying to do supports​ our longer term strategic business vision.

A test I use to tell whether I've fallen into the complication factory is easy-peasy simple. I ask, "Does it pass the Kid Test?"

​Could a kid understand this idea or concept? Can I explain this to a ten year old?  If not, then I many NOT be able to bridge what I'm doing today with what my longer-term goals are.  

​Now that's a problem. I can't afford to go running off into the tall grass and lose sight of where I'm going.This needs to be KISS - Keep-It-Simple-Stupid.

OK, sure, some concepts are complicated.  Taxes for example.  I'd suggest here though that complicated concepts can be distilled into an explanation that a 10 year old can grasp.

So, if a test of ​what you're doing doesn't pass the kid test, stop and check, does it fully support your business value ​and mission? If NOT, time to take a step back and get UNSTUCK!

I've found that time after time, this simple test helps me get back on track.

Does It Pass The Kid Test?
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About the Author

Ron D. Carlson, BSEE, MBA, President, CEO Mentoring Group

As a management executive consulting with owners and CEO's of small to medium sized businesses, he knows first-hand the challenges faced by business owners in being successful today. 

As a successful entrepreneur himself, he has experienced the seismic changes in business and applies that into effective CEO Peer Group mentoring.