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Your #1 Business Problem Isn’t Money – CEO Mentoring Group

Actually, money ISN'T the #1 problem

By Ron D Carlson | Money

Oct 14

Your ​#1 Business Problem Isn't Money

​According to the CIA Factbook, the total value of all the money in the world is over $80 trillion dollars, yes trillion with a T.

There is actually a very great deal on money out there.

Some businesses have more of it, some less but there is a huge supply that can be shifted.

Now take time. No business CEO actually has more time than you.  Each has the same 24 hours as you do.

​I'd argue that the very most precious commodity in our business is how the CEO spends their time.

Superficial changes to a business can be made by how the leader handles the money.  The profound changes come in how they change their use of time.

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About the Author

Ron D. Carlson, BSEE, MBA, President, CEO Mentoring Group

As a management executive consulting with owners and CEO's of small to medium sized businesses, he knows first-hand the challenges faced by business owners in being successful today. 

As a successful entrepreneur himself, he has experienced the seismic changes in business and applies that into effective CEO Peer Group mentoring.

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