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7 Year Old’s Advice on Running Your Business – CEO Mentoring Group

7 Year Old's Advice on Running Your Business

By Ron D Carlson | Business

Oct 14

​7 Year Old's Advice on Running Your Business

7 Year Old's Advice on Running Your Business

​Stars, lot's and lot's of stars.

As presidents and owners, we already have the "put our head down and keep plowing" part down pat.

Just work harder, right?

Actually, not right.

Let's check something, right now. Just stop reading for a moment and ask:

"What is it I'm really looking forward to?"

Does it look like stars? Bright, promising, big deal, gorgeous, deeply satisfying and passionate?

If NOT, your business is sucking the life out of you and soon your employees will notice how you'​​​​re no longer inspired.

That's the day you stop being their leader.

Go find your stars.

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About the Author

Ron D. Carlson, BSEE, MBA, President, CEO Mentoring Group

As a management executive consulting with owners and CEO's of small to medium sized businesses, he knows first-hand the challenges faced by business owners in being successful today. 

As a successful entrepreneur himself, he has experienced the seismic changes in business and applies that into effective CEO Peer Group mentoring.